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MALS Foundation

Our financial assistance program is geared towards helping individual melanoma warriors where they need it most. 

The following are Michigan residents who have been positively impacted through the MALS Foundation Financial Aid Program.  If you are a Michigan resident currently going through treatment for metastatic melanoma and could benefit from our program, more information can be found here.

Mike - Mike, a husband and father of two, was initially diagnosed with melanoma on his elbow in January 2021.  His melanoma spread to his elbow, armpit and shoulder.  He has been hospitalized due to complications of treatments and other medical conditions, and had to significantly cut back on work, financially affecting his family.  He was suffering from severe joint and back pain, and was hoping to purchase a new mattress to help ease some of his discomfort.  He reached out to us and we were able to provide him with the funds to purchase a new mattress to help him be more comfortable while he continues to go through treatments for his melanoma.

Deb - Deb, a wife and mother, was diagnosed with vaginal mucosal melanoma in 2021 which had already spread to her surrounding lymph nodes at the time of diagnosis. Shortly after her diagnosis, she was also diagnosed with a meningioma in her brain and underwent extensive brain surgery, which unfortunately delayed her immunotherapy treatments.  She was being treated at University of Michigan, but lived 4 hours away.  We were able to help offset her travel/hotel expenses and some of her medical costs associated with her treatments.   Deb ultimately lost her fight to melanoma at the end of 2022. 

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